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 My name is Eibhin. I am a 22 year old college student from Dublin, Ireland. I am a freelance painter and I love creating products that encourage sustainability and reuse.


I have enjoyed making art since I was a child and I've produced content under the name Rotten Rouge since age 17. Since then I've explored many different artistic avenues, including the release of a graphic novel - available in my store and Forbidden Planet Dublin. I have also sold clothing with unique hand painted designs. 


I believe everything is art and I do not limit myself to a a single style or medium. 

History - Graphic Novels

From 2015 to 2018, I illustrated my first graphic novel RED TALES. The graphic novel is a sci-fi horror story. After completing the first arc of comics in 2017 I had the first book printed and self- published. 

RED TALES is on sale now in Forbidden Planet Dublin. It is also available in my shop! All of the concept artwork from the series can be seen in my gallery here.  

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In 2019 I started to experimenting with new canvases, mainly jackets. I created customised pieces with unique designs. These are all hand painted on pre-loved clothing. 

I saw this as a good way to bring life into my old clothes and let other people enjoy them. 

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I always enjoy making personalised artwork for people. If you would like to request a certain product, please fill in the short form below with as much detail as you can, and I will respond as soon as possible!