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Welcome to my Autumn Site! (And Blog)

Hello and welcome to my first blog post on Rotten Rouge. I'm going to try and post two blog posts a month in an effort to keep track of the work I do here.

I find that as Instagram becomes more Tiktok with the emphasis on video content (which don't get me wrong, I enjoy), I feel like there’s not as much space to talk on social media, and I have a lot of thoughts.

For my first post I want to talk about the site update I published today. I'm mentally fast forwarding through this year, so it's time for Autumn content, even if it still feels like Summer (I personally think the last couple of days have felt particularly Autumn-y).

I have some new products coming later on this month that are very Autumnal (and spooky…) but until then, I’ve updated my shop with my prints from last Autumn. Let’s take a look!

The Autumn Chill Collection

I love the colours and abstract style of these paintings. They're all pretty different, but I put them all in one collection as I remember last year when I was painting them I was just enjoying what I was doing and getting inspired by what was around me. It was pretty chill.

Nouveau Depart is one of my favourite paintings. It was inspired by New Year’s Day 2020. I had huge lilies at my desk. I was trying to stay in more and enjoy my own company, which was ironic given the pandemic and many lockdowns that followed.

Sunset City Collection

these paintings are all based around Dublin Docklands. There’s a really random Apartment Complex just down from the theatre that has all these palm trees outside. It’s so interesting to see them in contrast against the convention centre and city lights. Theres also the boat decked out in Christmas lights which is another favourite sight of mine. Cycle City means a lot to me as I love taking my bike into town, particularly down by the docks where there’s decent cycle lanes. One day I want to do a 'paintings in their location' photoshoot, keep an eye on Instagram and TikTok for that…

The Point Collection

I completed these last October during Inktober (or Rottober as I call my take on it, seeing as I never follow the prompts). in the last 20 days I always lose momentum, so I looked at what was right around me - A Venus Statue, a Man candle and a bouquet of flowers. There I had my prompts sorted for a few days. It was a lot of fun to do these and I love pointillism work. I will definitely try harder this Inktober (Rottober).

so that pretty much concludes my first blog post. I hope you all like the prints and little shop update. I look forward to sharing my Autumn Collection very soon, the best way to keep up with launches is to subscribe to my mailing list.

Be sure to also follow me on Instagram and TikTok where I will be sharing new art and updates on launches!

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