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packaging unique sustainable lino print

I want every order I send out to be unique, but also as environmentally friendly as possible. 

I always aim to use recyclable packaging where possible.

All the glue and tape I use is plastic

free and recyclable.

I also make my own card backed envelopes, reusing old card.

I hand print with lino stamps on all my  envelopes, so your orcer has a unique touch.

Where possible I try to avoid any packaging that can't be recycled, however with bigger fragile orders I will use bubble wrap to avoid damaging your products. 

packaging unique sustainable lino print

Additional decorations like strings and flowers can be reused!

For example, strings can be reused to hang your prints.

I know I'll never be the most eco-friendly person on the planet, but we can all do little things here and there to help!

Thank you for reading!

packaging unique sustainable lino print
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